A Study on Methods of Gaining Leadership and Management Skills in the Field of Education

This study aims to examine the methods of gaining leadership and management skills in the field of education. Leadership and management skills, which are necessary for education managers to perform their duties effectively, play a critical role in the success of educational institutions. These skills include elements such as strategic planning, resource management, setting a corporate vision, and communicating effectively with stakeholders. Various training programs and methods are used for training managers to gain these skills. The study comprehensively discusses the different methods used to impart leadership and management skills. First of all, leadership and management training programs in the existing literature were analyzed. These programs range from postgraduate education offered at universities to short-term certificate programs and online courses. In addition, the effectiveness of mentoring and coaching practices, professional development opportunities and in-service trainings were examined. In our research, the effects of various methods on the performance of training managers were evaluated. Mentoring and coaching programs have been found to play an important role in improving managers' leadership skills and increasing job satisfaction. It has been observed that professional development opportunities and continuing education contribute to equipping managers with up-to-date knowledge and skills. In addition, the importance of modern education methods such as digital leadership and the use of technology was emphasized. As a result, this study reveals the effectiveness of leadership and management skills acquisition methods in the field of education and presents important findings to determine the best practices in this field. It has been concluded that training programs, mentoring and coaching practices, and continuous professional development opportunities for training managers are critical in developing leadership and management skills. These findings are a guide to improve the quality of management of educational institutions and thus to support the overall success of the education system.


education, leadership, management skills