Innovative Solutions in Distance Education: E-Learning Models

With the rapid spread of digital technologies in today's education system, distance education and elearning models have an important place. This article examines the development of e-learning models, their types, and the innovative solutions they provide in education. E-learning can be defined as the process of gaining knowledge and skills through internet-based platforms. This method eliminates geographical barriers and offers education opportunities to a wider audience. The role of digital tools such as learning management systems (LMS) and content management systems (CMS) in creating student-centered learning environments is emphasized. The article also discusses the innovative solutions that e-learning provides in education and the future potential of these solutions. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of distance education and the contributions of e-learning technologies in this process were emphasized. In the future, it is predicted that the integration of technologies such as artificial intelligence and data analytics into e-learning models will lead to even greater changes in education. This article is a comprehensive guide for educators, policymakers, and technology developers to help them understand the potential and feasibility of elearning models.


e-learning, education, distance education, innovative