Title            : Approximately 20 words

Abstract     : No more than 160 words

Keyword     : Maximum 5 keywords

JEL               :

Main             : 4000-7000 words including: Introduction, Literature Review, Method, Result, Discussion, Conclusion, Limitation

Sample Article Templates 2020
Cover Letter
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JEL Codes-2020


1. Application petition containing article name, article type, author names, contact information of the authors

(E-mail, telephone, place of duty) and ORCID information,

2. Full text of the article, AUTHOR NAME (in Word file format),

3. Full text of the article without AUTHOR NAME (in Word file format),

4. Similarity Report (Ithenticate – PDF format)

Article Content


The title should be descriptive of the article, reflect the main concepts, debates and basic argument of the article, and should not exceed 12 words if possible.


The essence can be defined as a short introduction to the information in the article. 

The text of the research text is in the form of a paragraph and acts as a general map for the readers.

 It should include a brief summary of each of the main parts of the article (introduction, findings and method, results, discussion and suggestions),

allowing the reader to determine the content of the article in a short time and precision, determine its relationship with their interests,

and thus decide whether they need to read the article in its entirety. 

The abstract should be a single paragraph, between 100-250 words.


Scientific publications often include keywords following the essence. 

Keywords help the publication of the publication in electronic media, indexing, as well as contribute to the editors in the preparation process

(for example, the determination of the referees).


The summary, which is also mentioned in the literature as broad essence and informative essence, has the same characteristics as the essence, but differs in length and detail.

 The length of the abstract, which gives more detailed information than the abstract, should generally be 5-15% of the publication. 

In addition, the summary may contain tables and figures different from the abstract.


It is both a legal and a moral responsibility to indicate the resources used, not only in academic studies, but also in any written and oral explanation. 

Care must be taken for the healthy development of the information produced.

Many international standards have been developed to provide the resources used in academic studies in a certain order.

 Although there are differences between these standards in terms of appearance,

basically all of them have common areas

(author, title, publication information, date, page number).

For Authors Guidelines 2020

*The article evaluated by the referee cannot be undone.
fines are applied. ($ 15 )

– Charges 50 USD

– Authors are obliged to participate in peer review process.

– All authors have significantly contributed to the research.

– All authors are obliged to provide retractions or corrections of mistakes.

– List of references, financial support.

– Forbidden to publish same research in more than one journal.